1. Create & Manage

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Candy B.A.R.

Blended Augmented Reality

 Candy B.A.R. makes it easy & fun for consumers to engage with your business. The patent-pending platform enables your business to put hyper-local offers in front of customers at just the right time - resulting in higher engagement and sales. 

Candy B.A.R is Real-Time Hyper-Local Marketing

Check out these videos to see how real-time hyper-local marketing works. And of course, all Candy B.A.R apps can be named & branded to specifications.

3. Activate & Engage

Customers download your app and start exploring, sharing, and redeeming your offers

2. Partner & Monetize

(Optional) Your event sponsors can join in the action by advertising in the app. All managed via the simple self-service vendor dashboard

Candy B.A.R. - The Future of Marketing, Today.

Candy Lab produces location- based augmented reality marketing applications to fit advertising campaigns, events, and games that focus on conversions for location-based marketing.

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2. What is Candy B.A.R.?

Candy B.A.R. is a patent-pending, hyper-local advertising and cross-promotional 3-D augmented reality mobile platform. Candy B.A.R. enables consumers to interact virtually with their real world environment to earn real rewards. The platform allows businesses to place virtual elements (logos, images, video, etc.) anywhere in the real world world using precise geo-location. When a Candy B.A.R. user clicks on an in-app element, the business’s chosen advertising message or other promotional offer appears on screen.

1. Why use augmented reality for your next brand promotion?

"The number of mobile devices with Mobile Augmented Reality enabling technologies coupled with geolocation has risen tremendously. It is a pioneering approach bringing a whole new meaning to sighting, leisuring and socializing, transforming these activities into fully interactive 3D discovery experiences. And for marketers, the limits of Mobile Augmented Reality are endless with a tremendously exciting potential for exponential growth".

​​Candy B.A.R. represents a pioneering approach to location-based marketing. With Candy B.A.R. white-label applications, marketers are able to combine the visual impact of Augmented Reality with location-based activities to deliver relevant promotional messages at exactly the right time. The list of possibilities to enhance a brand promotion is as long as your imagination. Some popular uses are for Social Media Gaming, Advertising, Publishing, Retail, Commerce, Couponing and Event Venues.

3. How it's Proven.

Candy B.A.R. has proven Mobile Augmented Reality can influence natural behaviors in situations where encountering people with places and objects in the real world overlaid with mobile augmented reality will in fact be highly effective. As a result, combining this technology with the Candy B.A.R. Platform offers tremendous opportunity to reach consumers in the most spur-of-the-moment, innovative and interactive way to dial-in a brand's influence for user engagement and conversion purposes. Contact us using the button below to learn who we have proven this with before.

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Video: Candy B.A.R. White Label App Example

This video shows how Candy B.A.R. augmented reality can be used for Marketing, Brands and Tourism departments to leverage through it's dashboards and apps.